Mac Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt to HDMI Kit with Audio Support

Our premium Mini DisplayPort to HDMI kit connects your Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt equipped Mac with your HDMI TV. It supports both video and audio. Everything that you see and hear on your Mac will be heard and seen on your TV.
  • Supports full HD display up to and including 1080p (1920 x 1080) 
  • Supports HDMI audio for later model Macs that support this. 
  • Includes analog audio cables for Macs that do not. 
  • Compact design so that it doesn't interfere with the use of other ports on your Mac
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This high quality Mini DisplayPort to HDMI kit seamlessly connects a Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt-based MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro to any HDMI display. This kit supports both video AND audio output to your HDMI display.


Fully supports audio output from Mini DisplayPort over HDMI. Kit also includes analog audio cables for older systems.


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Yesenia H. - NY, United States
Is very fast and easy. No problems at all. Thanks
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Great price and quality cables
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Very good to deal with will buy again from them
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Marta G. - FL, United States
I got exactly what I needed for my version of macbook, and everything worked out great!
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I got all of the equipment that I needed and it was so easy to hook up and start using. It didn't take more that 5 minutes.
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Have never been to a mac site that was so easy to use
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So informative and incredibly easy to find exactly what you need!! Everything I received is just as described and made my mac2tv hookup a little TOO easy. This is a great site, super fast shipping, I'd totally recommend and will purchase from in the future.
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Sarah - CT, United States
Quick and easy to find what I needed plus the video and reviews were very helpful in making a decision to buy from this site
excited to find just what I needed all in one place- would love a better way to solve the feedback issue with my computer. I am unable to use the audio cable so have to rely on my computer's speakers, good, but not quite what we were hoping for.
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Peter B.
Seems like this will be an easy hook up!!!
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Excellent service. Very simple to use site. Hopefully product instructions equally as simple.
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easy to find and quick!!!

Questions and Answers

What comes in the box?
Detailed list of items:

  • Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adaptor 
  • 12' 3.5mm Audio Cable 
  • 3.5mm to RCA Audio Adaptor

Will I need all of the cables that are included? 
Most newer Macs with a Mini DisplayPort and all Macs with a Thunderbolt video port do not need the 3.5mm audio cables. We include the audio cables for olders Macs to ensure that this will work with your setup.

So, I will get all 3 cables for only $19.95? 
Yes. You get all 3 of these items for $19.95.

Will I need anything else?
Just a standard HDMI cable to connect from the adaptor to your TV.

What will I see and hear on the TV? 
If you can see it and hear it on your Mac, you can now see it and hear it on your TV including: iTunes, iPhoto, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, websites, presentations.

How do I get help with installation? 
By e-mailing our Mac Wizards at

Where do you ship?
We ship everywhere in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and European Union. We also ship to many other countries -- click "Add to Cart" above to see the full list. 

How much is shipping?
$4.99 for standard Priority Mail Shipment from USPS. Faster shipping can be ordered by request for an additional fee.

How fast is shipping?
Shipments are sent from our warehouse in Provo, UT, USA. Orders before 12 PM Pacific Time go out the same business day. Orders after 12 PM Pacific Time go out the next business day. Average U.S. domestic time in shipment is 2 days. Average international time in shipment is 2-3 weeks.

What is HDMI? Does my TV have it?
HDMI is the all digital connection that all flat panel TVs have. To check if your TV has HDMI do this: pick up your TV remote and hit the “Input” or "Source" button several times — if one of your inputs starts with “HDMI” then you have it.

What if it doesn't work out?
No worries. If we can't getting it working with your setup, we will gladly refund your money. We want you to be 100% satisfied.