Connect MacBook Air to TV

Apple has used 2 different kinds of video ports on the MacBook Air depending on the model.

All MacBook Airs EXCEPT for the very first model released in early 2008 have a Mini DisplayPort (now called Thunderbolt port). This includes brand new MacBook Airs. It is on the side of the MacBook Air and looks like this:

If you have a MacBook Air made after 2008 or have this port on the side of your MacBook Air, then the Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt kit is what you need to connect to your TV.

The very first MacBook Air model has a Micro DVI port. This port is located in the flip down hatch. All later model MacBook Airs do not have a flip down hatch.

Not sure?
We can look it up for you from the model ID.
  1. Watch the 20 second video below to see how to get the "model ID" of your MacBook Air.