Connect iPad to TV

Apple has used 5 different iPad models with 2 connection options. The following options show you how to connect an iPad to TV, organized by model.

The best option for watching movies and playing music from your iPad to TV would be via an Apple TV (which can be purchased through this link here).  Apple TV's allow connectivity to your TV wirelessly.

However, if you are not looking to spend $99, these connectors will work just fine.

Original iPad

For the orinal iPad, you will need a 30 pin iPad to HDMI adaptor available for purchase from Amazon here.

Alternatively, if you do not have or wish you purchase and HDMI cable, 30 pin iPad to VGA cables will also work. Available here.

iPad 2

The iPad 2 has the same options as the original ipad.

30 pin iPad to HDMI adaptor from Amazon here.
Purchase30 pin iPad to VGA adaptor here.

iPad 3/ iPad 4

These two iPads look the same and both have the retina display, but it is very important to know the difference when purchasing an ipad to tv connector.

If your connecting port looks like the top image, you have the iPad 4 and you will use the same connector as the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.
- Purchase the required Lightning to HDMI adaptor here.

If your connecting port looks like the bottom image, you have the iPad 3 and you will use the same connector as the previous iPads.
Purchase from Amazon:
For HDMI, click here.
For VGA, click here.

Addition Cables Required:
An HDMI or VGA cable will also be required in addition to these connectors. We encourage the use of HDMI over VGA because HDMI has audio capabilities. However, not all TV's and not all HDMI cables support audio.

Click here for audio capable HDMI cables.