Watching iTunes Movies and TV Shows on your TV

Digital downloads are the future of entertainment and it is easy to use a MacBook to get the best home entertainment experience from the Internet. Apple’s iTunes Store began as a way to sell music over the Internet. However, Apple has branched off into selling movies and TV shows through the service. Most major Hollywood studios and even independent filmmakers have begun selling movies through the iTunes Store and there are literally thousands of titles to choose from, including the newest releases. New episodes of TV shows from major and cable networks are even available.

However, you may be wondering if the video files from Apple’s iTunes Store can be played on a television, as watching videos on a Mac laptop or desktop computer is not as enjoyable as a television in a comfortable living room. Fortunately, any video downloaded from iTunes can be watched on a TV by connecting your Mac to the TV. For best results, it is recommended to use a MacBook for this process, as these devices are portable and easier to hook up than a Mac desktop computer.

Step 1: Connect your Mac to your TV

Step 2: Find something to watch in iTunes

Step 3: Press Play

Step 4: Choose full screen

Open iTunes on your Mac and click on the “iTunes Store” link on the left side of the window. Click on the “Movies” or “TV Shows” link in the main iTunes Store section of the program and you can begin browsing for a video to watch. To help find the right movie or TV show you are looking for, you can either browse by genre or type the title of the video you are looking for in the search box.If you want to be able to watch the same video multiple times, you will want to buy the digital video file from the iTunes Store. This will allow you to keep the video on your Mac’s hard drive and watch it at any time and even transfer it to another Apple device, such as an iPod or iPad. However, you can also rent movies from the iTunes Store, which costs much less money and only allows you to watch the video file during a 24 hour period. The files will disappear from your Mac’s hard drive after the 24 hour period has passed.

Select the video you have just downloaded in your iTunes library. Click the “Play” button and the video file will begin playing on your Mac and TV.

Once you click on the “Full Screen” button on the iTunes video player, the video will be stretched to the full resolution of your TV monitor. In fact, you will not be able to tell the difference between watching a video purchased from iTunes and a DVD or TV broadcast!

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