Watch Hulu on your TV using your Mac

Step 1: Connect your MacBook to your TV

Step 2: Download the Hulu Desktop Client from the Hulu Labs website

Step 3: Select your desired program or show using the Hulu Client.

The Hulu Desktop Client is very user-friendly. When you open the Hulu Desktop Client, a welcome window will appear with a list of recommended programs and other popular features.

You can use your keyboard or Apple remote to select any programs on the welcome screen or you can use the Search function of the Hulu Desktop Client to find your desired show. Just type the title of the show and view the results that will appear.

Step 4: Once you have selected your desired program, click the green play button found at the center of the client.

You can also use your spacebar, your Apple remote or your mouse to activate the “Play” function.

Step 5: Activate “Fullscreen” after the show starts. 

Click on View on the main menu bar. Once the sub-menu appears, click on Full Screen. You can also activate the “Fullscreen” function by tapping on F on your keyboard.

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