Setting up Audio on Mac to HDMI TV

HDMI Only Connection

Most Mac’s that have a Mini DisplayPort pass the audio through the HDMI cable without needing extra audio cables.

To see if your Mac supports this configuration, try the following:

  1. Click the Apple in the upper left in the menu bar 
  2. Click System Preferences 
  3. Click Sound 
  4. Make sure the Output tab is selected. 
  5. In the list on that tab, see if your TV is listed or “HDMI” is listed. If so, click it and you should not have sound through the HDMI cable.

HDMI plus Audio Cable Connection

If you have a Mac with DVI or Mini DVI ports or if your TV is not listed in the Output tab of the Sound preferences, try the following:

  1. Make sure to use HDMI Port 1 on your TV 
  2. Check the Sound setup on your TV using the remote and see if there is a special setting for "analog" audio for HDMI. Some TVs require a special setting and some do not.
  3. Use the 3.5 mm (headphone style) connector on your TV WITHOUT the little adaptor Y cable. This should connect to the headphone jack on your Mac. See if you have sound now. 
  4. If not, then use the little adaptor Y cable and connect to the audio ports closest to HDMI port 1.
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