Setting Mirror Mode

“Mirroring” what is displayed on your MacBook screen is easy! Mirroring is done so that whatever is on-screen will be displayed on your television after the HDMI cable has been plugged in.

Step 1: Connect your Mac to your TV

Step 2: Click on System Preferences

After connecting your Mac to your TV, the F7 hotkey will be activated. This will allow you to activate the Mirroring Mode.

Step 3: Select Displays once the drop-down menu appears

Step 4: Arrangement

Another menu pane will emerge (Display Preferences). Click on Arrangement.

Step 5: Mirror Displays

On the lower left hand corner of your Mac’s screen, you will see a check box named Mirror Displays. Click on the check box to activate the Mirroring for all connected displays. At the center of your screen, you will see a configuration area where you can make other changes as to what will appear on the other displays connected to your MacBook.

Step 6: Mission accomplished!

If all went well with the mirroring, your television screen should be mirroring your Mac display.

Here's a helpful video showing the process:

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