Listening to iTunes Music on Your TV

Apple products offer an incredible range of versatility that allows them to be used in conjunction with a wide variety of other devices. For those who enjoy listening to music on their computer and wish to port it to their home television set, taking care of the connection couldn’t be easier! Within minutes, you could be enjoying all of your favorite music on your TV.

Step 1: Connect your Mac to your TV

Step 2: Find something to listen to

Once your computer is connected to the television set, you will simply need to find something to listen to in iTunes. Purchasing music through the iTunes interface makes it easy to get great music on your machine. Furthermore, you can easily play music directly from a CD or rip the content to your computer.

Step 3: Hit play 

After determining what you’d like to listen to, the next step is to hit play and sit back as the tunes begin to play from your home computer.

Step 4: Fullscreen 

You can choose full screen to improve the visual experience as you listen to your favorite music. This will also allow you to monitor what song is currently playing on your television.

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